Sunday, July 2, 2017

Dear Addi Personal update 2

Personal update 2

Your Questions!!

1. Where did you go? Short answer..... No where. In truth, one of my strategies to maintaining my sobriety is to keep myself very busy. I may have been just a little too good at that as of late. We have been working very hard in our business and the Lord has been blessing us tremendously. That has its down sides as well. Longer hours and much more time spent running a business. It is a blessing for sure but it has taken a lot of the time I use to have to blog. I am going to try and be better about blogging. Especially with the large back log of questions I need to get to.

2. Are you and your wife still battling this together and how is the battle going? YES absolutely we are. We are very focused on our journey still and determined more than ever to succeed. We work together everyday in our business. We serve together every week in our assignments and we are believers that the atonement can heal a relationship even after it has been crushed, drowned, dried out and drowned again. With the assistance of the savior and fantastic leaders and friends, we believe that healing is possible.

3. Are you still serving as Pornography Addiction Recovery Group Leaders? YES! Its is the greatest night of our week. We also run a the local phone in group which has been a blessing and a joy. In addition to our weekly meetings, we travel all over our state speaking in wards and stakes, sharing our story, our successes and failures and offering council to those who may be stuck in this trap. (Just one more thing to keep me busy.)

4. Will you be writing any more blog posts? Yes. I love the blog and it is my hope and goal to be more active on here. Please continue to submit any questions or comments.

5. Would you be willing to speak to our group, ward or stake? Absolutely! If your not too far away from us and we can figure out the logistics, we would be happy to share our story, our struggles and our insights on how to win this battle.

Thank you so much for your continued support of the blog. I regularly have people comment and ask about it. I truly hope that those who read it find hope and answers to the challenges of both the addiction itself and the process of recovery.

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  1. Thank you ,this is so helpful . Have felt this way for a long time, but it's a debsted topic in my circles and I struggle to explain my feelings on it ... You did it very well. Its sure hard to observe those red flags and remain silent when there's no open door .....


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